About LCC

Mission Statement

Lakeshore Children's Center provides child care in an atmosphere of loving concern, where children may discover themselves, and parents feel a sense of community support in their parenting.

Children are natural, active learners, and individuals with unique skills, abilities, interests, and needs. The Center believes that the role of teachers is to meet each child at their own level, and to facilitate their own process of growth.

Lakeshore Children's Center is affiliated with the Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church. While not a religious program, the Center does express the community values of the church: tolerance, diversity, respect for all, social justice and peace making.

Teaching Staff

LCC is licensed to provide childcare by the California Department of Social Services. All of our staff members meet or exceed the state requirements for "Qualified Preschool Teachers." One of our key staff members is a licensed Kindergarten Teacher. Our yearly budget includes funding for additional training and staff development.

Our staff's diversity reflects the multicultural families we serve. Our staff's loyalty reflects their devotion to teaching children as several of our staff members have been with us for twenty years. In addition to our regular teachers, outside trained professionals are invited to provide enrichment programs in the arts, science and music.


Lakeshore Children's Center prides itself on its' diversity and you only have to look around at our student & teacher population to see how the children & families represent the diverse populations of Oakland. We are an inclusive community of learners and we often celebrate our diversity throughout the year with curriculum activities and/or parent participation.